Epposi's Newborn Screening report now online!
28 March 2014
Please find Epposi's Newborn Screening report on "Stakeholder perspectives on the organisation of systematic neonatal screening programmes in Europe: decision making and ethical implications"...

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Epposi’s Advanced Innovation Programmes (AIPs) are designed to make a positive contribution to European health policy-making by providing members and the wider public with high quality independent research, capacity-building, knowledge exchange and dissemination with the aim of bridging the gap between innovation and improved public health outcomes.

Programme constitution is agreed in accordance with Epposi's equally weighted governance structure between patients’ organisations, science and industry. Representatives from each stakeholder group closely consult with the Secretariat in establishing the strategic direction of the programme and provide expertise to help shape research parameters and event content. Day-to-day management and delivery of the programmes is carried out by Epposi's Brussels secretariat.

Epposi is focusing on four key areas in 2011-2013:

Chronic Conditions Management (AIP-CCM)

Health Technology Assessment (AIP-HTA)

Innovation in Healthcare (AIP-INNO)

Rare Diseases (AIP-RD)